Francisco Peña Díaz

Francisco Peña Díaz (he/him), a.k.a Curro Peña, is a lawyer and researcher specialized in the study of SOGIESC issues with an international human rights law-based approach.

He holds a PhD in Law from the universities of Milan (Italy) and Malaga (Spain). His thesis focused on the rights of LGBTI asylum-seekers in the Common European Asylum System. He has also published a number of articles and book chapters on this issue, the broader theme of refugee rights within the European Union’s common policies of border control, migration and asylum. He is the author of La lucha que no cesa: los derechos del colectivo LGBTI como derechos humanos (The everlasting fight: the rights of LGBTI people as human rights). He has served as a research intern at the Constitutional Court of Spain and as a lecturer at the University of Malaga. Moreover, he consulted for LGBTI organizations.

He is also an editor and author at, a blog that specializes in legal studies on SOGIESC issues.