[WEBINAR] UN Treaty Bodies strategic litigation on SOGIESC
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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UN Treaty Bodies strategic litigation on SOGIESC

Date: Wednesday 20 May 2020
Time: 3:00 PM Central European Summer Time

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Do you know that LGBTI activists from most countries in the world can bring individual cases to United Nations Treaty Bodies? Have you heard about 31 LGBT cases already reviewed by these bodies? Join us for this webinar to know more about strategic litigation on SOGIESC cases before this human right forum!

We will present to you a toolkit on strategic litigation published by ILGA World in four languages.

ILGA-Europe and ISHR will talk about third-party interventions, the importance of Treaty Bodies cases for human rights defenders and the comparison between the United Nations Treaty Bodies and regional human rights courts.

You will also learn about strategic litigation efforts organised on local level, including a programme and cases brought to the United Nations against Russia, as well as the first case on criminalisation of same-sex sexual relations between women in Sri Lanka.

Join us and ask any questions you may have about strategic litigation and Treaty Bodies!



Kseniya Kirichenko, ILGA World



Kseniya Kirichenko - Programme Coordinator (UN Advocacy, Women and Training) / ILGA World

Dmitri Bartenev - Attorney-at-law / Coming Out, Russia

Arpi Avetisyan - Senior Litigation Officer / ILGA-Europe

Rosanna Flamer-Caldera - Executive Director / Equal Ground, Sri Lanka

Tess McEvoy - Legal Counsel and Programme Manager (LGBTI rights) / ISHR




    • Presenting ILGA World webinar series
    • Technicalities

UN Treaty Bodies Strategic Litigation on SOGIESC: experiences, resources and opportunities

      • Presentation of ILGA World’s toolkit on Treaty Bodies strategic litigation; results of the research on Treaty Bodies jurisprudence on SOGIESC; gaps and opportunities (Kseniya Kirichenko, ILGA World)
      • Strategic litigation programme of ‘Coming Out’ LGBT Group; cases submitted to the Human Rights Committee and CEDAW (Dmitri Bartenev, ‘Coming Out’ LGBT Group)
      • Third party interventions; brining cases to UN Treaty Bodies vs. European courts (ECtHR/ECJ) (Arpi Avetisyan, ILGA-Europe)
      • First case on criminalisation of same-sex sexual relations between women in CEDAW, experience with strategic litigation on national and international levels (Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, EQUAL GROUND)
      • Third party interventions; cases on LGBTI human rights defenders (Tess McEvoy, ISHR)

    Q&A session