Deborah Lambillotte left us

Deborah Lambillotte, a passionate activist and inspiring role model for many of us,

whose commitment saw her being involved with - and often leading - organisations in Italy (Arcigay Milano, Arcitrans, Arcilesbica) in the Nineties, in Belgium (Holebifederatie, then Cavaria, Casa Rosa, Vieux Rose) and co-chair ILGA-Europe in the Noughties and alternate Board member of ILGA after that, has left us.

Many of those who had the privilege to know her, will remember her strength of character mixed with lucid intelligence and sense of humour, her ability to place our struggle in a wider context and healthy scepticism towards easy enthusiasm and pompous ceremonies. We will miss her terribly!

Our thoughts and condolences go to Martin Iversen Christensen, Riccardo Gottardi, Evelyne Paradis, Patricia Prendiville and all our friends in ILGA-Europe and Çavaria.


Renato Sabbadini

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