On the occasion of CSW61, ILGA invites you to a side event panel discussion on LBTI women's economic empowerment in the ever changing world of work.

LBTI women's economic empowerment in the ever changing world of work

March 22, 2017
2:30 - 4:00 PM EST
Salvation Army - downstairs: 221E 52nd Street, 10022 New York, United States


Jessica St.Rose – Women’ secretariat of ILGA and board member of United and Strong
Beyonce Karungi - Executive director of Transgender Equality Uganda
Mohamed Q. Amin- Executive director of the Caribbean Equality Project

The panel will also seek to broaden the understanding of the landscape of policies and laws that reduce access of LBTI persons to economic empowerment, and to share experiences of the impact of violations and discrimination suffered by LBTI women in the workplace and among the general society.

There are many gaps and challenges in today’s world of data and representation. LBTI women are not explicitly mentioned as a vulnerable group in many spaces, especially in the Agenda 2030, and they are among the most socially invisible groups among rainbow communities and the general society.

This event looks at coping mechanisms that exist  for LBTI women to raise their voices, while accessing to economic empowerment, development and equality.


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