COVID-19: #inthistogether


COVID-19: #inthistogether

As the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been declared a global pandemic, we at ILGA World are thinking of you.

We will continue to support our global family even during these difficult days: our work will need to adjust, but we will be there for you as always. Also, check out our list of smart working and wellbeing resources for LGBTI persons!


We do encourage you to check in with your local communities to see how you can be there for them. But there’s more you can do!

Join our campaign to spread positive messages for our communities. In these tough days, when isolation becomes a concrete risk, even a small gesture can make a difference! Now more than ever, this is a time for solidarity: let’s commit to continue to look out for each other.

#inthistogether - postcards for our communities

Small actions can make all the difference: help ILGA World help others!

Share your message to raise the spirits of our LGBTI communities in this tough time.
We will make a postcard out of it, publish it on social media, and create an outpour of positive messages for our global LGBTI family.
Because we are #inthistogether, we are stronger together and we will make it through as a community that takes care of each other.


We are #InThisTogether: share your positive message for our LGBTI communities everywhere! (max 500 characters, with spaces)
Please be aware that, once shared online, these contents may circulate also in your home countries, and therefore also possibly through channels outside of ILGA World’s control and management

Your email address submitted through this form will only be stored only for communications related to the campaign. Click here to learn more about our privacy policy. 
If you will wish to see the content removed from our website and social media for safety reasons or personal issues, please email us at
ILGA World may decline to share a message if it contains offensive, vulgar or violent content, or a variety of elements that may lead a person to experience mental, psychological, emotional or physical harm.


Postcards from our community