Call for tenders: Research consultancy on sex characteristics legislation and caselaw


Call for tenders: Research consultancy on sex characteristics legislation and caselaw

Deadline for applications: March 12, 2021 – 1:00 PM (Central European Time)
How to apply: Complete the tender form
Duration: 6 months
Modality: Remote work


ILGA World is hiring a consultant to assist the Research Programme and the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics (GIESC) Programme in conducting legal research on comparative law on issues affecting intersex people. Candidates are expected to submit a tender specifying their daily rate.



  • Conducting desktop research on legislation and caselaw affecting people based on their sex characteristics/intersex status, including but not limited to:
    • prohibition of mutilating or so-called “normalising” non-consensual surgeries.
    • legal protection from discrimination based on sex characteristics.

Even though legislation in force will be the primary focus of the consultancy, initiatives, bills and debates on legal progress or backtracking will also be among the main issues to track.

  • Participating in conference calls and meetings.
  • Providing support to the Research Programme in monitoring news and events affecting intersex people.
  • Reporting to other members of the team on specific issues of interest.

Performance of duties and compensation

  • Consultants are required to work remotely and to secure their own stable internet connection during the whole consultancy.
  • The Consultant shall organize the activity freely subject to the adequate performance of the services.
  • The consultancy does not provide migration benefits or visa sponsorship by ILGA World to come to Geneva.
  • Candidates need to submit a proposed daily fee in their tender.


  • Previous involvement with local/regional organisations working on intersex issues (including volunteer work).
  • Previous experience in carrying out desktop research on legal issues affecting intersex people (including volunteer work; no law degree necessary).
  • Availability to work 37.5 hours a week (full time) as of April 1 for six months.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English (working language of the team).
Desired abilities
  • Communication skills in other UN Official languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese or Arabic.
  • Basic knowledge of UN Human Rights Mechanisms.

The image shows open books and has a purple layover. It reads: 'Call for tenders: Research consultancy on sex characteristics legislation and caselaw. Deadline for applications: March 12, 2021 – 1:00 PM (Central European Time)'

ILGA World is an Equal Opportunities Employer

ILGA World is committed to social justice, regardless of any individual or group characteristics, including gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, race, age, disability, ability, economic status, national origin, religion, ethnicity, and historical, cultural and geographic experiences, nonetheless recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals with each of these characteristics and by those with intersecting identities.
We offer fair treatment to all current and potential employees, interns and contractors and aim to ensure that all such individuals receive equal treatment (including access to employment, training and opportunities for promotion, as relevant) regardless of any personal attribute as listed above.
ILGA World promotes gender and equality mainstreaming and it actively promotes equality in all policies and actions. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.
Lesbian and bisexual women, intersex persons, trans and gender-non-binary persons, and persons from the Global South are especially encouraged to apply. Only qualified candidates will be contacted. If more than one applicant is considered to be equally qualified for the position, priority will be given to applicants coming from marginalized and/or underrepresented groups.


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