Call for expression of interest: Pathways Inception Phase Project Coordinator Consultancy

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Call for expression of interest – LGBTI Pathways Project Coordinator Consultancy

The image shows a background in six rounded frames, each of them with a colour of the Pride flag. Text reads: “Call for expression of interest: "LGBTI Pathways Project Coordinator" and offers details about the opportunity, deadline for bids, and objective and scope of the consultancy. The ILGA World logo sits at the bottom centre of the image

The image shows a background in six rounded frames, each of them with a colour of the Pride flag. The text reads: “Call for expression of interest: "LGBTI Pathways Consultant"  and offers details about the opportunity, deadline for bids, and objective and scope of the consultancy. The ILGA World and Global Pathways Project logo sits at the bottom centre of the image


Consultancy summary

ILGA World and the Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) seek a consultant to support the inception phase of a new global research project, “LGBTI Pathways.” The Project will develop credible, reliable, and accurate evidence on the needs, priorities, and funding landscape of the international and regional LGBTI movements. This evidence aims to inform and influence grantmakers to increase the amount and quality of resources directed toward improving the lives of LGBTI persons worldwide. The ideal candidate is highly skilled in project management and qualitative research, is dedicated and resourceful, can work independently and collaboratively, and is committed to contributing to global LGBTI liberation.


Pathways research project overview

The LGBTI Pathways global research project will:

  • Undertake a comprehensive gap analysis on the state of global funding on LGBTI issues, which: Identifies the specific needs, priorities, and strategies of regional and population-based movements within the international LGBTI movement;
  • Identify how movements/civil society organizations (CSOs) are resourced and highlight regional and population-based funding inequities within the international LGBTI movement; 
  • Inform the funding streams, mechanisms, and practices of the key investors in the international LGBTI movement; and 
  • Offer guidance to grantmakers entering the international LGBTI field, particularly more prominent international development funders and implementers. 
  • Establish key indicators/ goals and other functions to capacitate share fund mobilization and donor advocacy 

LGBTI Pathways will be a global research project comprising regional surveys of the LGBTI movement for Africa, Asia, Oceania/Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America.

Each survey will be led by a regional organization and supported by a regional advisory group. The regional survey results will be compared with regional grantmaking data from the Global Resources Report. After the regional data collection, a global meta-analysis of all surveys will be completed and compared with the global LGBTI funding flows documented in the Global Resources Report. The overall global coordination of the project will be led by the Global Philanthropy Project and ILGA (the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association) World, and supported by a global advisory group.


Expected deliverables

  • Work with ILGA World and GPP to design the formal launch of the Pathways Project, including an in-person launch event at Pan Africa ILGA in Mauritius (late July 2023) as well as the possibility of several virtual launch briefings for key stakeholder groups (Deliverables due July 2023)
  • Design and execute a plan for building a logo, a website, and external communications around the project (July - October 2023)
  • Work with ILGA World and GPP to identify consultants to deliver key aspects of the project (global technical research advisor, website) (Deliverables due: August 2023)
  • Design and execute the recruitment of the Global Advisory Board (Deliverables due: August- September 2023)
  • Work with ILGA World and GPP to develop the agenda for the first Global Advisory Board meeting (scheduled for late November/early December 2023) - (Deliverables Due: August - October 2023)
  • Lead the logistics planning for the first Global Advisory Board meeting - (Deliverables Due: September - October 2023)
  • General support to ILGA World and GPP in establishing the internal systems needed for the full Pathways project. (Deliverables due: October 2023)


Consultant profile

The ideal candidate for this position possesses most or all of the following:

  • Experience successfully managing multi-stakeholder, movement-focused research projects, preferably at a global and/or multi-regional scale.  
  • A minimum of five-seven years of relevant experience in project management for research and/or international human rights philanthropy.
  • Advanced degree in relevant fields such as international development, human rights, social sciences, or philanthropic studies. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the global LGBTI human rights and development landscape.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the global LGBTI philanthropic landscape.
  • Proficient with the following technology platforms: Google Workspace, Zoom, Asana, Microsoft Office Suite, and Expensify.
  • Strong database management, analytical, writing, and editing skills.
  • Experience in survey methodology and designing research materials e.g. surveys, interview depth guides, focus group guides. using Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, SAS, SPSS or similar systems.
  • Experience in qualitative data collection and analysis.
  • Experience in setting up financial reporting mechanisms for complex grant structures
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Stakeholder engagement skills and ability to work collaboratively with multiple constituencies and audiences.
  • Ability to work asynchronously with global staff and stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the work and values of the Global Philanthropy Project and ILGA World.



This five-month consultancy will commence in June 2023, with the satisfactory completion of the above deliverables by the end of October 2023.  

This consultancy is supporting the inception phase of the LGBTI Pathways Project, there may be the possibility for consideration of future consultancy or employment opportunities subject to satisfactory conduct and completion of deliverables at required standards.



The Pathways Project Coordinator will be supervised by ILGA World’s Director of Programmes, with a secondary line reporting to the GPP Director.



The budget allows for a fee of CHF 6’950  per month for five months, inclusive of any and all taxes, social security and other similar payments.

Invoices will be received upon the delivery of outputs on a monthly basis. From each invoice 7.7% of the fee will be withheld by ILGA World, to cover VAT dues in Switzerland.


Additional considerations

ILGA World's Equal Opportunities Statement:

ILGA World is committed to social justice, regardless of any individual or group characteristics, including gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, race, age, disability, ability, economic status, national origin, religion, ethnicity, and historical, cultural, and geographic experiences, nonetheless recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals with each of these characteristics and by those with intersecting identities. We offer fair treatment to all current and potential employees, interns and contractors and aim to ensure that all such individuals receive equal treatment (including access to employment, training, and opportunities for promotion, as relevant) regardless of any personal attribute as listed above.

ILGA World promotes gender and equality mainstreaming and actively promotes equality in all policies and actions. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence. Lesbian and bisexual women, intersex persons, trans and non-binary persons, and persons from the Global South are especially encouraged to apply. Only qualified candidates will be contacted. If more than one applicant is considered equally qualified for the position, priority will be given to applicants from marginalised and/or underrepresented groups.  


How to apply

To apply please submit your cover letter, CV, and three references to this form by May 15, 2023, COB EST. All documents must be submitted in English. . If you have any questions about the application please email [email protected].

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