Hilde Vossen

Hilde Vosseen
Representative of the Bisexual Steering Committee for Europe and Central Asia

Hilde Vossen (she/her, they/them) is member of the Bisexual Steering Committee for ILGA World on behalf of Europe and Central Asia. Hilde is the co-founder and coordinator of the European Bisexual Network for Activists (EuroBiNet, 2001). She co-organised the European Bisexual Conferences in Rotterdam (2001) and Amsterdam (2016) in The Netherlands, where she lives. Because she loves to create bi+ community, she does this during the annual ILGA-Europe conferences, and she is advising organisations of future EuroBiCons. She’s also an editor of the Bi Visibility Day events for BiVisibilityDay.com. On a local level she coordinates the LGBTQIAP and non-binary initiative Queer aan Zee in The Hague since 2007, for which she co-organises social events. (ph.: Leon Schröder)

organisation: BiNe - Bisexuelles Netzwerk e.V. (Germany)