Candy Yun

Candy Yun
Representative of the Bisexual Steering Committee for Asia


Candy YUN (she/her) is currently the executive director of the Korean Sexual-Minority Culture & Rights Center (KSCRC) and a steering committee member of Rainbow Action against Sexual-Minority Discrimination, the coalition group of LGBT+ and allies’ organisations. Within these two groups, Candy is working for various projects, including on advocacy, capacity building, social campaigning, organising the national conference, human rights activism, research and lectures.

She has been involved in the LGBTI+ movement since the Sexual minority Committee of Democratic Labors’ Party in 2006.
Soon, she got deeply involved in the trans movement, co-founding the Korean Transgender Activist Group Jirung-e and being a part of it for 5 years, until the group closed. After closing of Jirung-e, she worked as a project manager of the Transgender Patchwork Project, the incubating project of the new trans organization within KSCRC.

In addition, she worked with the Salim Medical Co-operative as part of local feminist activities, and she co-founded the Bi-Moim (now Bi-Magazine), a bisexual social meeting group.
She is a guest activist for the transgender human rights activist group Jogakbo in Korea.

organisation: Korean Sexual-Minority Culture & Rights Center (South Korea)