Over 300 women from all over Asia and the Pacific came together in Manila to discuss the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA) on women's equality that was adopted 15 years ago at the 4th UN World Conference on Women in 1995 in Beijing.

With the theme "Weaving Wisdom, Confronting Crises, Forging the Future”, the AP NGO Forum on Beijing + 15 assessed the 12 critical areas of the BPfA: What has been achieved especially in the last five years since the last Asia Pacific NGO Forum on Beijing +10 and what is needed to be done to further implement the BPfA?

Isis International recorded and uploaded on the conference website all the speeches of the five main plenary sessions:

* Feminisms through Generations;
* An Agency for Women in the UN, at Last!;
* Gender in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction;
* Gender and Human Security in Situations of Conflict and Post-Conflict;
* Beyond the Crises: Forging ahead with Development Alternatives

Isis International published several articles on the forum to highlight the discussions, debates and experiences of women.

Prativa Chhetri form AMARC WIN participated in the plenary discussion on Gender in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, while Cai Yiping from Isis International spoke on the Feminisms through Generations plenary. Don't miss their speeches.

The plenary speeches and the articles can be found on the Isis International website


and on the AP NGO Forum website



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