Here are the staff and interns that keep the ILGA World engine running!

Get to know them, and don't hesitate to click here if you have any questions for them!

Meet the staff

André du Plessis

Executive Director

Julia Ehrt

Director of Programmes

Natalia Voltchkova

Director of Finance and Support Services

Kseniya Kirichenko

Programmes Manager (UN Advocacy, Women and Training)

Gabriel Galil

Senior Programme Officer (UN advocacy, Human Rights Council and UPR)

Lucas Ramón Mendos

Research Coordinator

J. Andrew Baker

Coordinator - Donor relations

Daniele Paletta

Communications Manager

Paula Klik

Membership and Events Senior Officer

Polyxeni Kallini

Senior Finance Officer, Grants and Reporting

Chamindra Weerawardhana

Consultant - Gender Identity & Expression and Sex Characteristics Programme

Ælien Rubashkyn

Consultant - Gender Identity & Expression and Sex Characteristics Programme

Meet the current ILGA World interns

Jose Guillermo Ricalde Perez

UN Programme Intern (Treaty Bodies and Special Procedures)

Diego Quesada Nicoli

UN Programme Intern (Human Rights Council and UPR)

María Roques de Borda

Research Intern

Hazel T. Mokgathi

GIESC Programme Intern

Tofunmi Odugbemi

Communications Intern

Demet Gümüş

Conference support Intern

AR Arcon

IT Intern

Francisco Peña Díaz

Research Intern