Here are the staff and interns that keep the ILGA World engine running!

Get to know them, and don't hesitate to click here if you have any questions for them!

Meet the staff

Julia Ehrt

Executive Director

Gurchaten Sandhu

Director of Programmes

Gabriel Galil

Programme Coordinator (UN advocacy, Human Rights Council and UPR)

Jose Guillermo Ricalde Perez

Consultant - UN Special Procedures and SDGs

Denn Ix Gontow

Programme Manager - Gender Identity & Expression and Sex Characteristics Programme

Lily Dong Li Rosengard

Senior Officer - Gender Identity and Gender Expression

Crystal Hendricks

Programme officer - Sex characteristics

Lucas Ramón Mendos

Research Manager

Stephanie Leitch

Senior Officer - Decriminalisation project and ILGA regions engagement

Yuri Yoursky

LGBTI Pathways - Regional Officer

J. Andrew Baker

Manager - Fundraising and MEL

Madhu Jagdeeshan

Senior Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer

Daniele Paletta

Communications Manager

Suelle Anglin

Communications consultant

Camila Galdino

Operations Manager

Demet Gümüş

Membership and Admin Officer

Oscar Fitzpatrick

Logistics officer

Polyxeni Kallini

Finance Coordinator, Grants and Reporting

Vasilis Balasis

Finance Officer

Karla Avila Becerril

Human Resources Manager


Meet the current ILGA World junior consultants

Venus Aves

Junior consultant - UN programme

Dmitrii Litvin

Junior consultant - UN programme

Darius Gervinskas

Junior Consultant - Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sex Characteristics

María Alejandra Gonzales Silva

Junior Consultant - audio-visual communications & news production