A staff of ten persons based in the Geneva headquarters and a consultant work every day to keep the ILGA World engine running.

Get to know them, and don't hesitate to click here if you have any questions for them!

Meet the staff

André du Plessis

Executive Director

Julia Ehrt

Director of Programmes

Natalia Voltchkova

Director of Finance and Support Services

Zhan Chiam

Programme Coordinator (Gender Identity and Expression, Sport and Human Rights)

Kseniya Kirichenko

Senior Officer, Women and UN Advocacy

Lucas Ramón Mendos

Senior Research Officer

J. Andrew Baker

Senior Giving Officer

Daniele Paletta

Senior Communications Officer

Paula Klik

Membership and Events Officer

Kellyn Botha

Communications Intern

Oscar Noel Fitzpatrick

Intern - intersex people and sex characteristics

Andrea Ayala

Intern - UN Treaty Bodies and Special Procedures