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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide direct support to individuals. We suggest you contact a local LGBTI organisation (in your home country, or in your country of destination) for current information on direct support they can provide. You can find many local LGBTI organisations listed among our member organisations.

If you are a human rights defender facing imminent danger or threats, 24/7 urgent support is available at

Unfortunately, we do not support work on asylum/refugee issues at ILGA. You should contact a local LGBTI organisation, or refugee legal services in your location. For basic information on seeking asylum when fleeing persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, please see ORAM’s website.

You can contact ILGA’s Media and Communications department at
Please indicate any deadlines for your story and any language requirements.
Depending on your request, we may put you in touch with ILGA staff, board members, or member organisations and human rights defenders on the ground.

Sure! ILGA’s sexual orientation laws maps are copyright-free, and can be used for your projects provided you cite both ILGA and the authors. Please also let us know that you’re using them! Click here to download the maps in high resolution.

We also have other publications you may wish to use. For example, our Trans Legal Mapping Report shows legal gender recognition processes for trans people around the globe, and our ILGA-RIWI Global Attitudes Survey gathers and assesses public attitudes to particular SOGIESC-related issues.

We also have publications on our work at the United Nations, as well as Annual Reports to present our activities.You can access them all from our Resources page. For any information on content usage of our publications, please check their copyright pages.

It’s great that you’re working on an LGBTI project! Unfortunately, our budget is tight and closely-linked with ongoing projects. This is why we rarely can contribute to othercampaigns. If you wish to let us know more about your project, however, we maybe can see it could be shared on our social media channels.

We would love to support you for your project. However, we may not always have the capacity to do so. We encourage you to use our resources, and to get in touch with us in case you need any clarification.

ILGA’s budget for travel for human rights defenders is closely-linked with ongoing projects that are managed directly by us. Unfortunately, we do not have excess funds to give for additional travel and we encourage you to consider alternative sources of funding.

At ILGA we are happy to support our global network with research and advocacy initiatives, and to help build capacity. Our budget, however, is closely-linked with ongoing projects that we manage directly, and we do not have excess funds for additional initiatives.

All job and internship opportunities are posted on our website. Check back periodically to see what new openings have been posted. Please do not send unsolicited CVs/resumes.

Yes, we do: we believe that promoting human rights worldwide starts also with applying good practices within our own structures. We have joined the We Pay Our Interns initiative since its early days, and we apply its charter. As much as we value the contribution of our interns, however, we emphasise that interning at ILGA is not an entry to work as an employee.

ILGA is a membership-based organisation, and its highest authority is the World Conference.

The executive board acts on behalf of ILGA between world conferences, and implements its policies. The executive board includes:

  • two secretaries-general, at least one of whom identifies as a woman: they represent the organisation and act as joint line manager to the executive director.
  • one representative for each of the Secretariats (Women, Trans, Intersex, Bisexual)
  • two representatives, at least one of whom identifies as a woman, from each region.

Each of these positions also has an elected “alternate” who stands-in when the first holder is unavailable. All full and alternate members of the board are required to come from full member organisations of ILGA.

ILGA endorses no political party or movement. However, our work may have political implications as we work to better-realize the human rights of LGBTI people everywhere.

Becoming a member of ILGA allows you to have a say in shaping the global LGBTI movement. ILGA members engage in many different ways in the life and the work of this worldwide federation of organisations committed to equal human rights for LGBTI persons. For example, ILGA membersraise awareness of LGBTI human rights violations in international fora, including the United Nations, where we help them speak on their own behalf. Every part of the global LGBTI community is also represented through our regions: they ensure that grassroots organisations can benefit from programs and projects that are specifically framed considering the human rights situations at the local and regional level.

Membership applications are reviewed during the meetings of ILGA’s executive board, which take place at least twice a year. Your application will be reviewed by the board on the first occasion available after it is received, and our secretariat will get in touch with you shortly thereafter.


ILGA has currently updated its membership database to a CRM (Customer relationship management) system.

This means that if you are a member of ILGA, you will no longer be able to log in trough the website to download and pay your membership fees. You might already have noticed that the invoices are now being send to the email adress that you have registered with us coming from either or This means that you no longer have to remember your password and your invoices will automatically be send to your email. The email will contain a payment link that will lead you to a payment site. Here you will be able to pay either directly via PayPal or credit card, or you can chose to download the invoice and pay later via banktransfer. The membership invoices for 2018 will be send beginning of next year, and reminders of unpaid invoices will also be send during the first months of next year.

If you haven’t received any invoices from us to your email or if you wish to change the contact person who should receive the invoices, please notify us by sending us an email to

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