Darius Gervinskas

Darius Gervinskas (they/she) is a Junior Consultant on Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sex Characteristics at ILGA World. 

She completed her master’s degree in Human Rights at University College London, specialising in international human rights law, UN mechanisms, and LGBTI politics. After graduation, Darius joined Diversity Role Models, a UK-based LGBTQ+ anti-bullying charity. As their Education Officer, she has delivered inclusion workshops to thousands of young people and staff members in London schools and hundreds of professionals in other settings, including healthcare providers, restaurants, and large corporations. She has also advised at human rights panels and conferences.

In her spare time, Darius supports the work of other LGBTI rights organisations. Since 2022, she has been a policy and research volunteer at the LGBT Foundation. Recently, she analysed interview data and considered some important questions for their new project about LGBTQ+ migrants’ and asylum seekers’ experiences with the UK’s healthcare system. This year, Darius became a member of the Advisory Panel for the IGLYO Conference on hate speech & hate crime in Ljubljana.

Darius has also worked as an access worker to learning disabled and/or autistic adults, as well as to adults with other disabilities, for over four years. During this time, she worked hand in hand with some of UK’s most-renowned disabled and queer artists to embed accessibility in the arts and culture sector.