The first 40 years of ILGA


We invite you to celebrate with us: ILGA has turned 40 years old! Time has flown since those days in August 1978, when a group of visionaries founded the (then named) IGA in Coventry, UK during the annual conference of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality.

Many political, legal and social changes have happened for rainbow communities worldwide in the past 40 years.
We have been there ever since, by your side.



You are a fundamental part of this movement: without you, the breathtakingly beautiful mosaic of our rainbow community would not be whole.
This is why we invite you to do three things!

Share your story

Build our history

Your contribution is fundamental to help us build our history.

ILGA is actively acquiring materials to help tell the diverse stories of the organisation and of the people who shaped it, from its early days in 1978 onwards.

This growing collection includes oral histories, photographs, interviews, videos, World and Regional conferences memorabilia, personal effects and unpublished writings, and everything that can cast a light on the first 40 years of the organisation.

Your contributions will be considered for an exhibition during the 2019 World Conference, and for digitization and preservation as a collection online. If you were part of this history and would like to contribute, please contact us by using this form

By clicking submit, you agree that ILGA may contact you about your potential contribution, including for purposes of requesting permission for use in a public online collection, and may use your information in accordance with our privacy policy.Your name and email address submitted through this form will only be used to process your request to join the campaign, and will be stored only for communications related to the campaign itself.

Keep on fighting

40 for the 40th

ILGA is calling all LGBTI people and their allies to help ILGA keep on fighting for equal rights.
On the 40th anniversary of ILGA, we open our first giving campaign to support our work:

  1. Providing vital training on advocacy, security and other skills to human rights defenders around the globe
  2. Providing funding to LGBTI activists and human rights defenders to advocate for LGBTI rights at the United Nations
  3. Gathering LGBTI activists and leaders at World and Regional conferences through scholarship programs
  4. Producing landmark publications and tools, including the State-Sponsored Homophobia report, that assist LGBTI organisations around the world to improve the quality of life for LGBTI people

We would not be able to do this important work without the financial support of donors like you.

How you can help: you can donate to ILGA today.

To do so, please click on the "Donate" button on our Facebook page

ILGA is calling you to action by participating in our 40th anniversary campaign.
You can participate by committing to donate €40EUR or more per month for a period of 1 year in celebration of the 40th anniversary.
Your donation enables LGBTI activists to keep on fighting for equality. The results of their advocacy is change.

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Our faces, our stories

Every single change that we have witnessed would not have been possible without thousands of people who have constantly pushed to advance equal rights for all.
These are the voices of hope, resilience and determination from our member organisations and the wider rainbow community.