2016: a year of LGBTI victories worth celebrating

In many ways, 2016 has been a difficult year.

We witnessed human rights violations continue unabated in all parts of the globe, hate preachers trying to pit minorities against each other with their messages of intolerance, extremist movements subjecting people to horrific violence.

And yet, 2016 was also a year full of moments to celebrate for the LGBTI community.

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The human rights of LGBTI people continued to take centre stage at the United Nations, where the first-ever Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity was appointed.
A handful of countries and territories made marriage equality the law of the land, while others recognised civil unions also for same-sex couples.
Members of the LGBTI community were elected to their country’s parliaments. Historic gender identity laws were approved.
International human rights experts called for an urgent end to human rights violations against intersex children and adults.

And, even in moment of grief, the whole community remained united and mourned for the victims of an unprecedented hate or for comrades that passed away.
A lot has to be celebrated, but much more still has to be done to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex persons around the world.

We are not giving up. We will not let go: our struggle towards equality will continue.

Meanwhile, join us in celebrating some of the happiest moments of 2016 for our communities and... here's to more of the same in 2017!

Read our 2016 wrap-up
on Storify

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