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‘Other’ gender now gets a box to tick on in recruitment forms

in INDIA, 18/03/2013

Several companies are incorporating a third option in the gender column in their job application forms to include those from the transgender community. They are also introducing programmes to make workforce sensitised towards LGBT community.

The transgender community has been marginalised so much that India Inc’s recruitment and application forms seldom, if ever, have a third box in the gender column. But those walls of discrimination are crumbling, albeit slowly, as companies tiptoe out of the closet. 
Bangalore-based Wipro Technologies has taken the first few bold steps in this direction by deciding to include a third box under the gender column in its recruitment form. The forms of the IT major, founded by business tycoon Azim Premji, will now include an ‘Others’ and ‘I do not wish to specify’ options apart from ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ in the gender section. So even an ‘evolved’ person can choose the third option.
JP Morgan Chase, the global financial services firm with investment, banking, retail and securities businesses, has built a ‘not specified’ option in the gender column in its application and recruitment forms. 

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