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amfAR Fundraising Toolkit
amfAR's Fundraising Resource for NGOs

in UNITED STATES, 11/05/2012

The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) has published a fundraising toolkit for community-based NGOs working in tyne HIV-realated programs and services for gay men, transgender individuals, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in low an dmiddle income countries.

The guide provides information on the following common questions that NGOs come across in the field of HIV and AIDS:
• which donors are funding MSM and other LGBT community-based organization?
• which donors are funding projects in particular geographic areas?
• what kinds of grants are these donors making?
• what kinds of programs and projects are being funded by these grants?
• whom do I contact and how does my organization apply for funding?

It covers donor agencies such as private foundations, intermediaries, multilateral donors, bilateral funding agencies, embassies, corporate donors and academic institutions which have a focus on providing grant support in this are of interest.

One of the main sources of information for this guide has been amfAR's own grant application system where applicant organizations applying for its fund specified other donor support in the same field.

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