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in NEPAL, 15/09/2011

New Nepal constitution looks to include a "third gender"

Nepal's new constitution looks set to protect LGBTI rights, including the recognition of a "third gender".

The country is currently undergoing constitutional reform as it progresses from absolute monarchy to democracy.

The process follows a December 2007 decision by Nepal's Supreme Court that LGBTI people are natural people and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

Advocates for change have seen little political opposition to the changes.

Manisha Dhakal, a transgender activist, told the trustlaw blogsite there was a tradition of recognising third gender in Nepal.

“The third gender is very much a part of the culture of south Asia,” she said. “The Hindu religion is very inclusive and accepting of the third gender and homosexuality.”

Nepal's first openly gay MP Sunil Pant agreed that change was coming quietly, telling advocate.com it was mainly due to “a receptive private sector, lack of sensational media, and the Hindu religious tradition, which has deities that challenge binary gender norms.”

“The LGBT issues are pretty well formulated in the draft [constitution], and there is no opposition, so we don’t need to worry about that... Our concern is about how long it will take to have the constitution,” he said.

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