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Riau Islands
Lesbian couple chased from home in Indonesia

in INDONESIA, 30/01/2013

A lesbian couple who pretended to be straight to marry, was chased from their home on Batam Island, Indonesia when confronted by neighbors.

A lesbian couple who forged documents to fool officials into marrying them had to flea from their home in a village on Batam, Riau Islands in Indonesia when their neighbors discovered the truth.

'We reject homosexuals here,' a neighbor named Marlina told AFP yesterday.

'So last week we raided their house and saw Musdalifa was obviously a woman... We told Musdalifa to leave. They both fled and we haven't seen them since.'

Musdalifa was really a 23-year-old woman called Angga Soerjipto who married her 41-year-old girlfriend Ninies Ramiluningtyas.

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