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Transman and actor Andrew Guy
Actor crowdsources trans reassignment

in AUSTRALIA, 12/01/2013

An online campaign launched by a Sydney transgender activist is seeking to fund and film a documentary of the gender transition process. Transman and actor Andrew Guy released a trailer for the self-made documentary It’s Not About The Sex on crowdfunding site Pozible in November, detailing the surgeries, hormone therapy and challenges of undergoing the gender reassignment process.

Guy, who started transitioning and filming in November 2010, hopes to raise $15,000 online towards a phalloplasty procedure in San Francisco due to a lack of sufficient medical facilities and doctors up to the task in Australia.

“Doing the entire gender reassignment process here in Australia is really difficult – there’s maybe one surgeon who could do it. Europe and the UK embrace gender reassignment a lot more, especially on the medical side and with helping people pay for their procedures,” Guy said.

He hopes the documentary will raise awareness of the difficulties faced by trans people looking go undergo their gender transition in Australia.

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