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Lebanese demonstrators hold signs against anal "tests" on men suspected of homosexuality and so-called "virginity tests" for women during a protest in Beirut on August 11, 2012 (AFP Photo / Anwar Amro)
Lebanon's Invasive Sex Exams: where the sun don't shine

in LEBANON, 12/08/2012

Rectal exams to prove homosexuality have been condemned by doctors, lawyers, and judges, yet are still administered by the Lebanese authorities. The procedure has come back to light after the recent Plaza Cinema incident in which 36 men were arrested under suspicion of homosexuality and subjected to the ordeal at a police station.

The weekend raid on the Plaza Cinema in Beirut by the vice squad of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and the subsequent rectal probes 36 detainees were subjected to in order to prove their homosexuality, has been widely condemned by human rights, anti-torture, anti-homophobia and judicial reform organizations.

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