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Taller de Incidencia política con activistas lesbianas y bisexuales.
ILGALAC's fifth conference... as if you were here

in BRAZIL, 26/01/2010

These coming days, we are going to try to share our excitement about the 5th conference of ILGA LAC, ILGA ‘s Latin American and Caribbean region.

A few days before the conference, a series of workshops were organized taking advantage of the presence of the many activists who came to Curitiba for ILGA LAC conference.

Here are a few images from a workshop on “Political incidence for bisexual and lesbian women”. And Raquel Andrade’s, one of our communication officers for the region, grand début in making video documentaries...


Translation below:


It all depends where those persons are... That’s what we said earlier: according to their position, you are either going to inform them, persuade them, neutralize them or mobilize them (…) You may very well come to the conclusion I came to when I did this exercice : I realized how my organization was not going to be able to do that by itself. I realized that it would be a lot of work and that my first task would be to create alliances.

Participant from Brazil :

As of 2006, we started to work on advocacy, do you understand me ? So, ABGLT, which is the Brazilian association of gays and lesbians... created a project that we names “allies”. (…) One of its strategies, was to work with various persons in the context of advocacy, map them, a map of the political context, get to know each deputy, each senator, who’s the father, who’s the son, what are their strenghts, their weaknesses, their political speeches.

What we would need is to identify who is our primary audience and who is our secondary audience in order to know which strategies we are going to use with them. For instance, in the case of our primary audience, within the Ministry of Health, which persons do I need to be sure to involve to make sure that my project will be implemented...
… With the agreement of your organization and that of your allied organizations, I could assist you virtually, if you wish to. I mean to say, this is but methodology… until here, it’s only methodology, later, you need to face reality... I could assist you from this end, from the point of view of methodology.

Gloria Careaga, Secretary general of ILGA

Tomorrow, we have the Lesbian pre-conference. I think we need to continue gathering those who want to work on this particular theme. What I mean to say is that now, we do this as an exercise in a workshop. But we need to work collectively to define which are the aspects we wish to work on in the region as lesbians. It seems to me that we should take advantage of tomorrow’s conference to involve other groups and define if we choose to work in subregions, meaning for example women from Central America agree on an agenda and decide to work together, or if, in the contrary, we wish to work on the Health project in ten countries. (…)

What i would like you to do, is to begin to think on what is important in your country, what needs to be worked on. And that, by the end of the conference, we could begin to see which countries share the same agenda. We have three, four days to exchange our views, to see how we want to do this work. Eugenia can then help us, we can try finding funding for this project, get together, keep building on this...



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