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Ecuador: Trans Youth Computing Area

in ECUADOR, 02/03/2011

Trans Youth Computing Area is a new area that we have in X Silhouette Association, through a proyect with the World Bank. In this area, and trans young people learn all about computers, apdating on the current technological news.

Source: Situetax


DM LAC - Area development for young trans Computational

The Development Area Trans computer is a new area that we have in X SilhouetteAssociation, through the Development Marketplace 2010, the World Bank. In this area,and trans young people learn all about computers, actualizandoce the currenttechnological level. This is a form of development for our community that has been neglected along Ecuador's history.

Click here:

YOU TUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mayV2B1IQEw

SILUETA X: http://siluetax.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/dm-lac-area-de-desarrollo-computacional-para-jovenes-trans/

DM LAC: http://www.lac-developmentmarketplace.org/video/dm-lac-area-computacional-de

This project is supported by the Development Marketplace 2010The World Bank.


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