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UNCHR 2005 - Supportive governments

in LUXEMBOURG, 12/05/2005

The European Union stresses the unacceptability of any discrimination based on sexual orientation

During Item 6 (Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and all Forms of Discrimination) on Monday March 21, Luxemburg as the EU presidency made a forceful statement condemning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation on behalf of 34 countries.

Full Statement

"I have the honour to take the floor on behalf of the European Union.

The Acceding countries Bulgaria and Romania, the candidate countries Turkey and Croatia, the Countries of the Stabilisation and Association Process and potential candidates Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro and the EFTA country Iceland, member of the European Economic Area, align
themselves with this declaration.

Discrimination can take many forms, often insidious. In that connection, the EU would stress the unacceptability of any discrimination based on sexual orientation. The EU is deeply concerned about reports of continued and unacceptable violence, persecution, denial of fundamental freedoms and violations of human rights (including the right to life), arrests, arbitrary detentions and other abuses and violations of human dignity on the basis of sexual orientation."
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