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Brazilian resolution

in BELGIUM, 27/01/2004

The journey to Geneva made a succesful stop in Brussels, on 27 January:

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has adopted a resolution "on the EU's rights, priorities and recommendations for the 60th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva". Members of the European Parliament approved an amendment, tabled by Olivier Dupuis and Gianfranco Dell'Alba (Radical Party) asking to the EU to co-sign and actively gather other countries' support for the Brasilian resolution. Amendments tabled by the EPP (European People’s Party / Christian Democrats) and UEN (Union for Europe of the Nations) groups aimed at deleting any reference from the European Parliament’s document to the Brasilian resolution were defeated.

ILGA has called on members of the European Parliament to co-sign the petition to support the resolution.
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