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European Union / Buttiglione

in BELGIUM, 27/10/2004

Reason wins against homophobia at the European Commission

On the occasion of its European conference in Budapest, ILGA welcomes the decision of European Commission President Barroso to withdraw his proposed Commission from the approval vote in the European Parliament.

The nomination of Italian politician Prof. Buttilglione as Commissaire for Freedom, Justice and Security had risen broad protest amongst members of the European Parliament as well as in the civil society.

Dr. Buttiglione has a history of making discriminatory remarks about homosexuals, women, immigrants and others. Buttiglione had submitted an amendment to the Convention on the Future of Europe proposing the deletion of ‘sexual orientation’ from the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. During his assessment hearings in October 2004, Dr. Buttiglione enraged many members of the European Parliament by describing homosexuality as a sin and suggesting that the role of a woman was to have children and be protected by her husband. He also stated that he would be guided by his moral values rather than securing some of the Human rights standards of the European Union.

These last weeks, ILGA-Europe had actively campaigned to have European Commission President Barroso re-think the composition of its Commission. His announcement this morning clearly restates the Parliament’s commitment to human rights as a core value of the European Union.”

Following this decision, Jackie Lewis co-chair of ILGA-Europe said “The Parliament has confirmed that rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are an integral part of human rights in the EU. It has also clearly demonstrated that it is inappropriate for Commissaires to openly state that their moral values will prevail over their public duty.”

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