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UN 2004 - Brazilian resolution

in BRAZIL, 30/03/2004

Brazil announced postponement of its resolution on sexual orientation and human rights

In a press release dated 29 march 2004, Brazil announced it decided to keep its United Nations Commission on Human Rights resolution “on sexual orientation and human rights” under consultation and to request the Commission to postpone its consideration”.

“We have been here before with the UN” says Kursad Kahramanoglu, Co-Secretary General of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA). “This unprincipled alliance of the Vatican and Islamic Conference of States (ICS) in the UN has already twisted the arms of many countries to almost a breaking point in the past. The lukewarm support from some of the traditional supporters of LGBT rights has also contributed to the feeling of isolation of the Brazilian Government. There are however, plenty of countries, which support the human rights of LGBT people. ILGA will ask some other countries which support this resolution to sponsor it. Our team in Geneva with other advocates of human rights will continue to talk to all those involved. We thank Brazil for their hard struggle until now, in the name of all those millions of LGBT people all over the world. People who expect this to be the end of the matter are sadly mistaken. Resolve this in the way the Vatican and ICS demand it, implies we would deny our own existence. We simply cannot do that. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Rights are Human Rights, and it is just a matter of time before the whole world recognises this.”

From Sri Lanka, Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, Co-secretary General of ILGA added: “Some might say that Brazil backed down under pressure.Our rights cannot be denied forever. We will fight and we will eventually gain the Human Rights which have been denied us for this long”.

ILGA, a federation of over 400 national and international organisations working for equal rights for lesbians, gay, bisexuals and transgendered persons (LGBT), decided to support this historical text by mobilizing forces and asking supporters to sign a petition in favour of the text and the inclusion of gender identity in its final version, so as to address violations suffered by transgendered persons. So far, the petition has been signed by 43 000 persons and is to be handed to the Australian Ambassador Mike Smith, Chairman of the 60th session Friday April 2nd. ILGA, which has joined forces with a coalition of NGOs, will be present all through the 60th UNCHR session with a team of activists from all parts of the world to ensure the voices of the LGBT community are heard in Geneva.

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