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Jayaram at the Bir Hospital.
Homophobic violence in Nepal

in NEPAL, 07/08/2004

Attempted Murder of a Meti in Kathmandu

I am writing to express deep concern about attempted murder of a Meti (cross dressing male) by some men in Kathmandu today early morning.

Suraj, a Meti with his other Meti friends, was waiting for a cup of tea after night disco in Jamal at the footpath shop. Suraj saw a big crowd nearby and approached out of curiosity. What he saw was shocking. JayaRam (another Meti) crying for help to get him to Hospital near by, Jayaram was trying to stop the intense bleeding from his throat and his left hand‚s thumb was nearly completely severed. Suraj asked Jaya Ram "what happened?" Jayaram couldn't speak, he was telling suraj by the sign language that his neck has been cut with a knife. Suraj crossed the crowd and celled other Metis (Bhumika and Rajesh) and rushed Jayaram by the taxi to Bir hospital, a government hospital in the center of Katmandu. The bleeding was intense; he was taken to the emergency unit at the Bir hospital. It was about 3:15am early morning today.

Police were called.

Some other Metis also heard about the incident and rushed to Bir Hospital. Then I got a call from a Meti to come to the Bir Hospital to help Jayaram.

When I got there he was lying in a bed, breathing through a tube put by the doctor into his throat and his hand was rapped by a piece of cotton cloth and Jayaram was receiving a saline drip.

After talking to the doctor I realized it was a serious case and assured doctor that Blue Diamond Society will look after Jayaram, everything including financial support. Then the doctor ordered two pack of blood, syringes, some more bottles of water, medicine for anesthesia, etc..

Then at 8pm some other doctors arrived and checked him again and he was admitted at ENT ward. Then more medicine and tools were supported and supplied by Blue Diamond Society and he has been taken to the operation theater.

I was waiting outside, Pradip (another Meti) Arrived and mentioned that about 1 PM he was also threats by a group of three men to have sex "if you don‚t agree to have sex with us we will cut your throat with a knife and kill you".

Its probably the same guys abducted Jayaram to the little dark street in Ashan, not far from Rani Phokhari and tried to kill him.

Blue Diamond Society denounces such cruel act of attempting to murder the Metis and demands an immediate and through investigation of this attempted murder and bring the perpetrators into justice.

We call your support and we wish our friend Jayaram's fastest recovery.

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