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Permanent Mission of Brazil to the United Nations

in BRAZIL, 29/03/2004

Brazil postpones debate over resolution on sexual orientation

Offcial communiqué / 29.3.04

“Brazil attaches great importance to the defence, promotion and protection of human rights and has always opposed the politicisation of the debates in the Commission on Human Rights. Brazil considers that the treatment of any issue in the Commission should not lend itself to exploitation of a political nature nor should it generate controversies with communities and countries with which we hold deep links of friendship.

In a manner consistent with the unfolding of the internal debate on the issue and with its international activities, the Brazilian Government presented to the Commission on Human Rights last year a draft resolution on non-discrimination and sexual orientation, with the co-sponsorship of 26 other Member and Observers of the Commission. Following procedural debates which did not address the substance of the issue, the Commission on Human Rights decided to postpone the consideration of the draft resolution.

Since November last year, we have been consulting with delegations of several countries on the text. We have not yet been able, however, to arrive at a necessary consensus. By its very nature, a subject such as non-discrimination and sexual orientation presupposes the search for consensus. The objective of the initiative is to strengthen the system of protection and promotion of human rights; not to condemn anyone. It is the understanding of Brazil that the relevance of the initiative derives from its capacity to contribute to the dissemination of values and social practices most likely to lead towards harmony and tolerance.

In light of these considerations and bearing in mind the importance of preserving the purposes and objectives of the draft resolution, to which Brazil remains fully committed, the Brazilian Government has decided to keep it under consultation and to request the Commission to postpone its consideration."

email: misson.brazil@itu
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