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The biggest international meeting of teachers

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Education International holds conference on LGBT issues at School in Porto Alegre

Education international will hold its 4th World Congress, in Porto Alegre, Brazil from 22-26 July with a specific programme on LGBT rights. The Congress theme, Education for Global Progress, will guide discussions on how teachers and the education sector can contribute to global progress. The three sub-themes are: Education: public service or commodity, The right to teach: the right to learn, Recruitment and retention of qualified teachers. More than 1400 delegates, observers and guests from over 150 countries and territories will attend this year's Congress, in addition to hundreds of members of the press.

To see the lgbt program in english go to the following page: http://www.ei-ie.org/ressourc/glbt/2004_portoalegre/02_ agenda_en.doc

Education International is a world-wide trade union organisation of education personnel, whose 26 million members represent all sectors of education from pre-school to university 319 national trade unions and associations in 162 countries and territories.

Jackie Lewis (ILGA Board member for Europe) and Kursad Kahramanoglu (Co-secretary general of ILGA) will participate to a serie of workshops along with various ILGA members (ABGLBT, Unison, Instituto Edson Neris…)

See Education International’s working group on gay and lesbian discrimination at school
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