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Between Women

in SWEDEN, 28/10/2008

Between Women

Writing about women who have sex with women with a focus on sexual desire aren’t common, neither in the LGBT community nor in society at large.

Women’s sexuality is all too often tied to reproduction, and women’s experiences of desire are left overlooked. Or else the focus is placed on problems that can occur as a consequence of sex. Or the attention given to women’s sexuality is put in relation to the sexuality of men, which is given considerably more space.

Because of this, it is all the more important to present non-problem oriented, curious and positive perspectives on women’s sexuality.

In Between Women, we offer an easily accessible, inspiring text that we hope will generate some talking, both amongst those of you who’ve long had an active sex life and for those who are perhaps just starting out on one.

For some, the only new aspect of this publication might be finally seeing your experiences in print. For others, it might lead to the discovery of something new...

Read more on the pdf file above.

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