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Jacintha Martin, sub-judge (left), releasing 'Mella Vilagum Panithirai' written by a transgender in the city on Saturday. Photo: S. James
Real change comes only when our family accepts us: transgender

in INDIA, 17/08/2013

In an effort to change the popular perceptions and get rid of the stigma, the transgender (TG) community came together to organise a three-day festival — Mupperum Vizha —which started at Gandhi Museum on Friday.

Theatre artiste and writer Living Smile Vidya, who is a transgender, said that the popular perceptions are that all TGs involve themselves in sex work or beggary. But things have changed in the last decade with the help of many non-governmental organisations which helped them come out of the closet and fight for their right.

“We need icons from the community, a film maker, an IAS officer so that we can take our fight vigorously towards social, economic and cultural liberation. Real change comes only when our families accept us,” says Vidya.

Discussing her personal experience, Vidya told The Hindu that, it was not an easy journey as there were many obstacles before she could make it as a theatre artiste.

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