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Eduarda Guambo addresses his practice in the Teaching Center for Living. Photo: Pilar Vera | The Telegraph
Transsexual looking “hormonización”

in ECUADOR, 02/07/2013

The treatment of hormone therapy is the so far this group can not access. Activists hope that the health authorities embrace this order. So far this therapy can only be performed abroad, say experts

As part of the launch of the “It’s time for equality”, Diane Rodriguez, president of Silhouette X, discussed the possibility of providing medical advice to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) in the subject of “hormonización” on the premises of the association, where he established a small health-oriented point of these groups.

“The hormonización is a process of transition. What is sought is to reduce the presence in the body of male hormones and increase the female (or vice versa), and that all human beings have both, “said Rodriguez.

The Minister mentioned that the day before the launch of the campaign that promotes the association met with Patricio Aguirre, Carina Vance advisor, Minister of Public Health (MSP), and delegates to the Zonal Coordination Health 8 (Guayaquil, Duran and Samborondón) to address three issues of interest to the community: the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), free delivery and retroviral condom, and that the campaign “It’s time for equality” can meet the needs of trans people .

“We want the sisters come to our health and share their concerns. If one of them is the hormonización, then talk to the MSP staff to see what possibilities exist to give us the necessary inputs and that each patient is treated by a doctor of our center, we can finally focus on other health issues “, said the head of the organization.

Rodriguez said that when they speak of this hormone treatment, do not refer to drugs that are not sold in the country, but women use contraceptives and are delivered free in health centers in the country.

The term “hormonización” is not adequate, said Daniel Barrezueta and clarified endocrinologist rather called of hormone therapy to feminize.

We want the sisters come to our health and to share their concerns

“What makes this type of therapy is to modify secondary sex characteristics, namely breasts, hips and buttocks, which are normally produced by ovarian hormones,” said the specialist. Barrezueta explained that there is a distinct change in the face of a man would need to remove the testicles. “Once the person has been withdrawn male genitals, can be injected with female hormones that cause the appearance of these secondary sex characteristics and male hormones and can not counter it, either a heterosexual or homosexual.”

Barrezueta added that the administration of hormones does not help to change the voice that is given by the structure of the larynx during adolescence and that the physical part is only modified through surgery.

The doctor added that he does not perform this type of treatment or know someone in the medical community that does it, unless it is done overseas.

Rodriguez emphasized that the support or advice from the Ministry of Health would be important with respect to this issue, which is one of the main focuses in which the campaign officially launched at the Museum Nahim Isaiah.

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