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Transgenders get their Aadhaar

in INDIA, 30/06/2013

Urmila, a transgender, holds up a copy of her Aadhaar card, which identifies her as transgender and not male/female. She says this is important as in most identity documents, they are either classified as male or female.

“I am happy that this identifies us as the third sex,” she said, speaking after she received her Aadhaar number from Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India Nandan Nilekani at a function here on Thursday.

“This is important because now we can hope that the government will count us on board when it comes to special schemes and provisions that have been denied to us.” Urmila was among three transgenders who received their Aadhaar numbers. Her friend Amulya said she hoped this was a first step towards recognising them as members of society.

Aadhaar numbers were also given to senior citizens and physically-challenged children.


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