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Same-sex Marriage Debate
Same-sex Marriage Debate (Volume 352) book published

in AUSTRALIA, 02/02/2013

Should marriage only be between a man and a woman, or are same-sex attracted people being denied the right to have their unions honoured by church and state in a moderm society which should recognise long-term commitment in relationships, regardless of sexuality? What are the social, political, legal and religious considerations in the same-sex marriage debate? A balanced range of opinions from key commentators is presented in this book.

The book presents opinions from key commentators on the following themes: 

Chapter 1: Same-sex relationships and marriage

Chapter 2: Opinions opposed to same-sex marriage

Chapter 3: Opinions in favour of same-sex marriage

The book can be can purchased in print or digital pdf formats. They can place orders online through the website: www.spinneypress.com.au or phone or email. Information of the book can be found on the website.



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