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Ladyboys lost in legal system

in THAILAND, 08/02/2013

Facing societal discrimination, many transgenders have found unexpected liberation and acceptance in prisons. While the reality on the inside remains grim for most, 'Spectrum' spoke to and read letters from former and current inmates as well as rights activists who say that an absence of bars should not be mistaken for freedom.

Bee (not her real name) is in the prison on drug-related charges.

Prisoners there are not allowed to have direct contact with anyone other than immediate family. But Spectrum was shown a revealing set of letters by one of Bee's good friends on the outside.

Mee, also a ladyboy, used to receive letters from Bee each month. Initially the letters were pessimistic about her future, but after about three months the tone changed dramatically and Bee began writing of how she'd found comfort in her new life behind bars.

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