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Civil registrar wins; no more ‘gender test’

in PHILIPPINES, 20/01/2013

The Office of the Civil Registrar General (OCRG) has given in to the contention that local civil registrars cannot possibly certify if a person is a transgender.

Bowing to a petition filed in a Quezon City court last year by local civil registrar Ramon Matabang, the OCRG has agreed to delete two provisions in the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of “An act further authorizing the city or municipal civil registrar or the consul general to correct clerical or typographical errors in the day and month in the date of birth or sex of a person appearing in the civil register without need of a judicial order.”

One of the provisions which Matabang had questioned in the petition he filed in November last year required a city or municipal civil registrar to authenticate a certification issued by an accredited government physician that the petitioner for the correction of a clerical or typographical error had not undergone a sex change or sex transplant.

Matabang had maintained that this was unnecessary considering that “civil registrars are not in a position nor possess the technical expertise to determine if a person [is a transgender].”

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