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(from left to right) ILGA-Asia Board members - Sahran Abeysundara, Poedjiati Tan and King Oey at the regional caucus of ILGA World conference 2012
Invitation to the 5th ILGA-Asia Conference "Phoenix Rising" in Bangkok, March 29-31, 2013

in THAILAND, 13/01/2013

You are invited to participate 
in the 5th ILGA-Asia Regional Conference. The conference is open to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities supportive of LGBT issues and concerns in Asia. ILGA’s conferences are traditionally opened for all, members or non-members of ILGA. However, some agenda caucuses, such as, ILGA MATTERS, are for ILGA members only. Activists can either fund their participation by their own means or apply for a scholarship.

There will also be a one-day pre-conference seminar on Working towards the next UN resolution on SOGI, co-organized by ILGA-Asia and ARC International; participants will be selected and invited in a later stage.

The implementing organisations of the conference include the following: the ILGA-Asia Board and the Organising Committee (OC) composed of Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand (RSAT) and ANJAREE (Thailand).

To apply for a scholarship to attend the conference, fill in the scholarship section of the form and submit to conference2013.ilgaasia@gmail.com before 1 February 2013. See scholarship details in the how to apply for a scholarship. Priority will be given to ILGA members and/or approved paper presenters. Applicants applying for partial scholarship are also more likely to get it.

Visit the conference blogspot at http://www.theraisingdhoenix.blogspot.com/

Download the draft program at the bottom of this page. 

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