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STEPHEN GROFF, ADB VICE PRESIDENT: ADB and the World Bank, together with the Philippines Department of Health designed a project that focuses on high quality services provision, providing information to targeted groups, and advocacy among key holders
Analysts optimistic about erasing HIV in PH

in PHILIPPINES, 07/12/2012

When it comes to HIV prevention, the Philippines is going against the worldwide trend and lagging behind its Asian neighbors.

In 2011, five million people were living with HIV in the Asia and Pacific region. 
The number of new infections here has risen by at least 25% from 2001-2011. The Department of Health estimates about 9 new cases of HIV a day.

HIV cases in the Philippines are rising at an alarming rate. Local and international agencies unveil a plan to curb its spread.

The Department of Health estimates about 9 new cases of HIV a day.

 ADB Vice President Stephen Groff says the World Bank and the Department of Health are working together on an HIV prevention program that will concentrate on big cities in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

The good news is, the government and development agencies understand the problem, and are acting now.

The goal of the Asian Development Bank is getting to zero. Zero new infections, zero discrimination, and zero aids related deaths. Analysts believe the virus can be erased completely, but emphasize the need to scale up interventions, challenge the stigma around it, and encourage public debate.

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