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Male to Male relationships: Not Legal
Punishments for male to male relationships: Death
Female to Female Relationships: Not Legal
Marriage and Substitutes for Marriage: No law

Your Views

Are you LGBTI? We want to hear from you! Help us inform other users of the site with your views on this country. Below is a random question about this country. If it is relevant to you please answer it.

How common are trainings on diversity that include sexual orientation and gender identity in the schools of SUDAN?
We don’t have trainings (0 %) Training occur infrequently, and don’t include sexual orientation or gender identity (0 %) Training occur, but don’t necessarily include sexual orientation or gender identity (0 %) Trainings always include sexual orientation or gender identity (0 %)

The SUDAN country survey is populated by LGBTI groups who have acted as liaisons with ILGA to identify issues affecting the LGBTI community.

Organizations were asked to discuss 4 broad subjects: the law, the mood (the social climate), the LGBTI movement as well as what would be, according to them, the most pressing campaign in their country.

Please write to countryreport@ilga.org if you have comments regarding this page.

What is the most pressing issue that needs to be addressed in your country?
What’s the most pressing campaign in your country?
Freedom Sudan, the sudanese LGBT association
The campaign aims at…
1. Recognition of homosexuality in Sudan.
2. Social acceptance of homosexuality and acceptance of the rights of homosexuals in Sudan.
3. Abrogation of the death penalty for homosexuals (Articles 148,151, 316 and 318).
4. Work together with other LGBT organizations in the world for a better LGBT rights.
What is your strategy?
1. Educate the sudanese people about LGBT and getting their acceptance.
2. Creat an environment where all LGBT sudanese can get together.
3. let the world know a´bout the situation in Sudan.
4. Get intouch and work with other LGBT organizations.
5. Get in touch with the human right watch around the world.
6. Pressuring the sudanese government to drop the death penalty for LGBT people and give them their human rights.
What are the major obstacles to achieve it?
The islamis laws in Sudan.
How far are you in achieving this goal?
We still have a long way to go. We need all the support we can get.
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