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Eunuchs demand scrapping of medical test for pension

in INDIA, 26/07/2013

Even after the government had sanctioned Rs. 500 pension per month for eunuchs less than sixty years and Rs. 1,000 for above the age of sixty with a fanfare on August 31, 2007, only one eunuch has availed the facility since then.

Eunuchs decline medical examination, which is the primary condition for applying for this pension, as they are 'afraid' of the examination and do not go to doctor to obtain this certificate.

Raj Hasina, leader of eunuchs and former councillor, said: "My 28 disciples had filled the form for pension but were discarded the same as they refused to bring the medical certificate of being eunuch when the social welfare department asked them to bring one."

Social welfare officer DS Saini said: "We have minimised the formalities for them but the medical certificate is the basic requirement. In the absence of a medical certificate we can not process the pension."

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