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"Time to show a true leadership on same-sex marriage bill in London"

in UNITED KINGDOM, 05/07/2013

As the same-sex marriage bill passes through parliament, many memebrs of the Uk Hindu community are currently reflecting on their attitudes towards homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender relationships within the Hindu community; including same-sex marriages.

A Hindu marriage is supposed to fulfill three aspects: Prajaa, Dharma, and Rati. Prajaa is the procreation of family through offspring. Dharma is defined by responsibilities, obligations and contributions to society. And rati justifies mutual satisfaction in the marital love life. 'Dharma Shastras', the books which define these aspects, are not necessarily religiously binding within Hinduism as compared to some other faiths; and the knowledge is mostly followed through oral, geographic and seemingly flexible traditions.


It is time to show true leadership on the 'Dharma' front in the Hundu political and business comminity.  Particularly younger business leaders, who identify themselves as Hindus, can show the way forward by supporting and sponsoring vital social justice issues, such as homosexuality, that are important to the future of the community members in the UK.

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