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Trans Report Set for Release

in AUSTRALIA, 28/04/2012

A new report into transgender health and wellbeing will be launched in Katoomba, New South Wales next month.

The survey of more than 400 members of transgender social group TransGender Radio (TgR) is set to reveal a snapshot of the aspirations, problems, and health and lifestyle of gender diverse people.

The survey looks at how participants express their gender, how they became aware they were gender diverse, if they’ve had surgery, their relationship with health professionals and any negative exeriences they’ve had.

The group will mark the launch of the report at the annual TransFormal event on Saturday, May 19 at The Carrington Hotel, 10.30am.

TransFormal will be held over the same weekend and will involve a range of social events. The event attracts guests from all over Australia and New Zealand.

TgR was established 1997 and is said to be the largest active transgender group in the southern hemisphere.

INFO: www.forum.tgr.net.au

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