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'Hate truck' image may not be legit

in AUSTRALIA, 25/03/2012

ANTI-SAME sex marriage campaigner Peter Madden can't take a trick. The man behind the so-called "hate truck" which received the ire of the North Coast gay and lesbian community at the weekend is now fending off attack from another quarter.

Gay and lesbian newspaper the Sydney Star Observer reports the man who took the photograph used on Mr Madden's truck is now considering legal action against Mr. Madden.

The image of a man with his arm around a young male child was the subject of outrage from the gay community who claimed it sought to link homosexuality and pedophilia.

Those claims were supported by NSW Anti-Discrimination Board president Stepan Kerkya-sharian who said the attempted link was clear.

Now Danish photographer Yuri Arcurs has told the Star Observer that use of the image by Mr Madden breached its licensing agreement.

Mr Arcurs's work is licensed through stock photo website fotolia.com.

"The image is mine, and there are strict rules regarding the use of stock photography for campaigns like this," Mr Arcurs told the Star Observer.

"It's a very strong political message to send and as the models on the image might not agree with the statements made in the campaign, this would not be considered a legal use of the image."

Mr Madden made it to Brisbane on Monday and is campaigning.

He won't escape some North Coast gays and lesbians, who will join an action against him and his message in Brisbane.

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