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Stand with Brazil's "Equality Moms"

in BRAZIL, 30/09/2011

With homophobic and transphobic attacks and murders on the rise, Brazil is fast becoming a world leader — in anti-LGBT hate crimes. It's time for the country that celebrates its diversity to be a world leader in offering full equality to ALL of its citizens.

"I'd rather have a dead son than a gay son." These words, recently spoken by a prominent member of Congress as an appeal to Brazil's "family values," made Eleonora Pereira angry.

Eleonora's son, Jose Ricardo, was murdered a year ago—victim of a rising tide of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes in Brazil.

"My son, my best friend, was killed in a hate crime last year. Now I'm filling that emptinesswith the fight against violence, homophobia and discrimination.”

Eleonora told us that the family values she knows are those shared by mothers all over the world: refusing to see your child insulted, injured, or even killed simply because of who they are. And Eleonora is not alone.

On September 29th, our group of "Equality Moms" in Brazil are traveling to Congress to demand support for a proposed Anti-Homophobia bill that would protect ALL Brazilians from violence and discrimination.

Will you take a moment to sign and share the statement the moms will deliver to Congress—and to their fellow Brazilians—affirming EQUALITY as the true family value?



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