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in ARGENTINA, 24/12/2012

The ninth biennial meeting of the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS) is entitled “Sex and the Marketplace: What’s Love got to do with it?” and will take place from 28th to 31st August 2013 in Buenos Aires-Argentina. This conference is co-organized by the Study Group on Sexualities (GES for its initials in Spanish), Institute Gino Germani, School of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina and hosted by Mario Pecheny.

The main focus of the upcoming IASSCS International Conference will be the increasing commodification of social and sexual relationships, in both sexual/erotic and emotional dimensions. The commodification of sexuality, in turn, calls for new attention to the political economy of the body, analysis of the market value of bodies and of the activities in which those bodies are involved, and of the multiple markets and marketplaces in which genders, sexualities, health and rights are produced and reproduced.
Conference themes will explore how the reasoning behind capitalist production can colonize not only sexual exchanges, but also even sexual politics and academic production. Related themes include: the long-existing links between politics and sexuality and the intention of political sphere to control this field; and the ambiguity of the field of sexuality, where asymmetric relationships take place. Finally, the conference will focus on the discourse and practices of ’romantic love’, which seems to have survived the collapse of great modern discourses towards the end of the twentieth century. Presentations will assess to what extent such discourse is also market-bound (or not), and the ways in which it might provide a potentially strategic basis for the discussion of sexual rights.
There will be only 2 sessions in Spanish/Portuguese (without simultaneous translation) per slot each day. We encourage those who can only present their papers in Spanish/Portuguese to indicate so in the online application form. However, it is important to emphasize that the selection for these sessions is limited in space (a maximum of 48 abstracts will be accepted). Participants applying for these sessions will not be able to participate in the selection for the other Conference sessions and will not participate in the Culture, Health and Sexuality Special Issue.
The main themes of the conference sessions include, but are not limited to:
1.    Selling the Body: sexed economic relations, commodified sexual relations.
2.    A Best-seller: stories of romance and the power of utopian ideals of love. Love as a political discourse.
3.    Sexuality and Gender: Two movements for the price of one? Social movements around sexuality and gender.
4.    Production of Sexual Knowledge: theories and research on sexualities.
5.    Sex, Communication and the Acceleration of Time.
6.    The Institutional (Ex)Change Market: the law, policies, education and religion.
7.    ‘If you have any Questions, Ask your Doctor’: Sexuality as a Health Issue.
8.    The Commodity in the Sexual Market: Heterosexualities vs. Heteronormativities.
9.    Artistic Production Lines: transgression or abjection?
In line with the IASSCS’ mission, the conference seeks to promote links between researchers, academics, advocates and activists by addressing the process of taking theory into practice, conceptualizing the meaning and significance of advocacy at the national and community level, and supporting and advancing the implementation of sexual rights. We receive submissions in various formats: verbal presentations, exhibits and workshop presentations.
For more information regarding the main themes of the Conference, details on the types and guidelines for submission, please visit our website (www.iasscs.org/2013conference) or write an e-mail to 2013conference@iasscs.org

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