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Jennifer Tyrrell and her son Cruz Burns, 7. The lesbian mother from Ohio was removed from her post as a Scout den leader because of her sexual orientation.
Lesbian mom vows to fight Boy Scouts’ ban on gays 

in UNITED STATES, 21/07/2012

Jennifer Tyrell delivered a 300,000-plus-signature petition to the organization’s headquarters in Texas on Wednesday - a day after it announced it would uphold the ban.

Boy Scouts national spokesman Deron Smith told the Associated Press that the policy prohibiting gay Scouts and leaders, enacted in 1991, was unanimously determined to be “absolutely the best policy.”

Tyrell, 32, said the announcement would not deter her from her fight.

“I truly love Scouts and I truly want to see this change take place,” she told NBC. “Not just for myself, but for families and children everywhere.”


Tyrell had a brief meeting with Boy Scouts of America representatives - whom she said were polite and professional - when she delivered her petition.

However, the reps “don't see any change in the future," she said.

In April, Tyrell was ousted as den master of her son’s pack over her sexual orientation. She wore her former uniform as she delivered the petition and met with scouting officials.

She said she told them, "I guess I’ll see you in the future because we’re going to keep on meeting until we win.”

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