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Imam Facilitates Marriage Vows of Lesbian Couple in Indonesia

in INDONESIA, 25/05/2010

A young Indonesian imam presides over the marriage vows of a lesbian couple in East Java, Indonesia on May 15, 2010. This is probably the first case of an imam facilitating a lesbian "marriage" in the country.


An exchange of dowry in the form of rings was performed by the couple. Due to fears of unwanted consequences to both the imam and the married couple, the details cannot be revealed at the moment.  The imam, in an exclusive interview, states that in Islam a couple can actually exchange marital vows without an imam present.  The latter, if present, merely facilitates the proceeding. Given the current Marriage Law (No. 1/1974) in force in Indonesia, this marriage has no legal status.  The Law defines marriage as a tie between a man and a woman, something which an internal National Human Rights Commission paper (2006) declared unconstitutional.



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