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Sunil Babu Pant (Blue Diamond Society) along with Pride Marchers
Nepal - Call for action

in NEPAL, 29/07/2004

Nepalese Sexual Rights Groups could be banned

On June 18th a private-practice lawyer petitioned the Nepalese Supreme Court to shut down the Blue Diamond Society, an NGO working on sexual-health issues and human rights. The petition accused the group of trying to “make homosexual activities legal,” and demanded that its activities be outlawed because homosexual conduct is a criminal offense in Nepal. No existing laws currently forbid homosexual acts but the Nepalese Civil Code (Part 4, Chapitre 16) punishes “unnatural sexual acts”. The latter is regularly used as a pretext to justify the detention of men having sex with men or transgender individuals.

In response to the petition, the Supreme Court gave the Interior Ministry until July 27th to show why “openly homosexual activities” should not be banned in Nepal.

We ask you to send a letter of protest by fax or mail to the Nepalese embassies of your country. We have listed some of the main addresses below.

Nepalese embassies

We attach copy of a protest letter (in English) written by Human Rights Watch.

For more info on Nepal, you can look at the following sources:

- the plea from Sunil Babu Pant, President of the Blue Diamond Society
- the letter asking for the interdiction of his group
- the Human Rights Watch article
- Blue Diamond Society's website
- two articles on the LGBT communities
Globalgayz with an interview of Sunil B. Pant
Martin Foreman

- lately Sunil has also been reporting on police mistreatment of transgender individuals in Kathmandu

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