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ILGA team in Geneva

in CHINA, 15/04/2004

Chung To

Chung is the founder and chairperson of Chi Heng Foundation, a charitable organization based in Hong Kong. Founded in 1998, Chi Heng and its predecessor has been promoting equality for LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender) through political advocacy, public education, media campaigns and community building. Activities organized in the past included the First and Second Media Awards on Tongzhi Coverage, advocacy campaigns on legal reform, sponsorships of LGBT events, and regular visits to secondary schools and universities.

During the past four years, Chi Heng expanded its scope of services by moving into Mainland China, focusing on AIDS prevention among the MSM population and care of AIDS patients and orphans in Central China. Under the project for orphans, Chi Heng is sponsoring 400 students whose parents have died of or are dying of AIDS in Central China by paying for their school fees directly to the schools. In a report conducted by UNAIDS, Chi Heng’s MSM project was named as Best Practice Model for China.

Despite his increased involvement with Chi Heng Foundation, Chung continues to serve the organization as a volunteer without any salary.

For the past four years, Chung has been a Board member of AIDS Concern, and is presently its Chairperson of the Board. He also is a member of the Community Planning Committee (CPC) and the AIDS Prevention and Care Committee (APCC) appointed by the Hong Kong Government.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong in 1995, Chung resided in the United States for 13 years, where he received a bachelor’s degree at Columbia University and a master’s degree at Harvard University.

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